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Whether you are a tradesmen yourself, a business owner or a home owner looking to have a clearance an important factor to consider is the correct waste management solution. Ensuring you comply with laws regarding hygine, confidentiallity and the local authorities. Selecting the right company is a difficult task at first since you may not be sure what is required. You may decide to hire a skip from one of the companies listed in our directory or alternatively have a waste disposal company reguarly take away your waste and recycle this.

A waste disposal company in your area will often be able to provide you with a waste solution which can include anything from a wheelie bin through to a huge container that can be reguarly collected by them on a weekly or monthly basis and recycled. Alternatively you may want to reguarly hire a skip if you are doing an office, factory or resturant clearance. You should ask before hiring any company involved with waste management the local council laws on disposal of waste, in particular the type of waste you will be disposing. You should also ask to see paperwork that proves they are licensed to carry out these tasks so you have no risk of potential fly tipping - they will often have paperwork to prove they are registered with the environmental health agency.

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