What to consider when moving into a new home

Purchasing a new home is exciting. It is easy to become carried away and miss obvious problems when you find the home that you love. There are several things you should consider carefully before you make an offer.

Structural Integrity

An inspector should inspect any home for structural integrity. An inspector will inform you about most structural problems before you purchase a home. If there are structural problems and you still wish to own the home, the repairs needed should affect your offer. Be smart and walk away if the price isn’t right.


Check the windows for drafts and other issues. Open all of the windows and make sure they open properly. Check each window for mold and other issues that can affect the window casing’s integrity. The need to replace windows should be a factor in placing an offer on a home.


Carpeting that is worn, unattractive, or stained will need to be replaced. People with allergies, pets, or children may prefer hardwoods or laminate which are easier to clean. You should carefully consider the price of replacing carpets when you put in your offer.


Extensions are not always a good thing. Joining an extension to an existing property needs to be done with care to not compromise the structure. Check added rooms for anything that doesn’t look quite right. An inspector should review these structures carefully to identify any major issues.
Wiring between extensions can be faulty and present fire hazards. Combining electrical wiring that is not compatible creates a serious risk of fire. A home’s wiring should be inspected carefully in this situation.
Attics converted to living space often do not have proper insulation, ventilation, or space. Consider all of these problems carefully when viewing a home. If the space isn’t usable, it isn’t worth spending more to have it.


Older homes can have very strange layouts that make purchasing furnishings a challenge. Adding or removing a wall here or there can make a space impractical. It is necessary in some cases to special order custom-built furniture to fit the space. This is a significant expense that should be considered.
Calculate the price of the property and the cost of repairs. Your offer should stay under the future property value after renovation. If the seller doesn’t negotiate enough that the sale makes sense, it may be best to move on to another property.