Waste Solutions for your Business – Where to start

Rubbish disposal is difficult, nobody argues with that. There’s a myriad of concerns to deal with whilst adhering to disposal laws. Sorting, staging, skip sizing and all aspects enter into the picture. Luckily, you have a brain that can think. With that brain, you’ll be able to do a little pre-planning, and make sense of it all.

First, think about the kind of rubbish you will encounter. You have to determine if it’s liquid or dry. You also have to think about hazardous materials disposal. Think about recycling materials. According to what you will encounter, a plan of action is developed for each type of disposal. If the plan of action starts getting too large, write it down. Break it down into steps, and carry through each step. All professional project managers keep notes, and develop formal written plans from the notes.


Another factor is anticipating the quantity. If it just fills a trash receptacle or two, a disposal service will suffice. If you are doing a large remodeling job or tear-out skips have to be contracted. Skips are sized by the cubic capacity, and you have to anticipate how many cubic meters of debris will be generated. If you have recyclables, a separate skip should be included just for those.

Time is another concern. You may only have a certain amount of time for a tear-out. You don’t want to hold up an entire project because the tear-out overruns its time. Time management is an art onto itself. You have to plan for the debris, and contract the right number of skips. Too little and time is wasted hauling the skips back and forth.

You also have to think about public health and hygiene. If you have waste that produces dangerous fumes, specialized companies that handle hazardous materials are brought in. You have to plan a budget, and determine what materials need to be addressed. You may have formal plans for this, and submit these plans to the local disposal authorities. With the many things to consider you should first familiarise yourself with these factors before then making the descision to hire a skip or a waste disposal company from our directory. You should contact only those registered with the local authorities and environmental health agencies – local companies in Leicester such as Map Waste will be able to help you with your waste disposal needs.


It takes brainpower to start a disposal program. The difficult becomes easy if you write down a formalized plan of action and stick to it. You also have to develop a subset of contingency plans. These address the “What if?” questions, such as: What if I come across an unlabeled container full of liquid? Contingencies must be thought of. Above all else, familiarize yourself with proper disposal laws and do not violate them.