Dealing With Vermin and Termites – Lucy Pitten

I have a pest problem in my basement. I have already called the pest control company to deal with it. They said that they will have some demolishion job done on several parts of the basement to effectively eradicate the vermin living in it. They have assured us though that they will deal with the rubbish removal. We’ve just had our house for three years and it has already given us a lot of stress. We did not really give it so much thought before. We were too excited to own our first house that we failed to consider problems like vermin and termites. We are hoping that the demolishion job will serve a good purpose. We’ve already put a big amount of our budget on it. We even had to forego our vacation plans for the year for it. We’ll just have to go to my parents’ house this summer.

Lucy Pitten, Leicestershire