The World of Carpenters and Joiners

What Being A Carpenter Entails

A carpenter is someone who uses metal and wood to both build and fix fixtures such as furniture and household structures. Whenever you look at a house, beneath all of the siding and color and windows is a frame. The framework is the skeleton of the house, which a carpenter excellently crafted. Even more, any framework of cabinetry that is complimented when you go to a friend’s house was the crafty work of a carpenter. For more information on carpentry and woodworking, see Salisbury Woodworking to see some examples of work and blogs about timber and crafting via carpentry.

Carpenters can be broken up into two main categories. There are rough carpenters to start with. Generally, this type of carpenter work with large tools such as saws and woodworking machines. The second category is finish carpenters. Finish carpenters make structures like cabinetry and furniture. Finish carpenters have quite the eye for detail as well. Much decorative work done on furniture and cabinets have been done by the artistic hand of a finish carpenter.

In order to become a carpenter, you must obtain a high school diploma. Once the diploma is attained, generally carpenters to be will work under a skilled carpenter. Once being trained for some time, the carpenter in training can go on and use their skills to start their own business.

What To Expect From A Joiner

Some people don’t believe there is a difference in joinery and carpentry, however, there most certainly is. Unlike carpenters, joiners put together structures without the use of metal screws or nails. When you think of bookshelves and stair cases, they were most likely done by a joiner. It is truly amazing how joiners can put together structures that stay together without the use of nails and screws; joiners know how to craft an object with teeth that will fit into other fit or dovetails to stay put.

Joiners are generally thought of as specialist of carpentry. Joinery is specifically known as a specialist trade in the UK with an example being Eastwood’s Carpentry and Joinery. In some other countries, that is where the trade of joiner gets mixed up as being one and the same as a carpenter.

To become a joiner, as it is a specialty sector of carpentry itself, learning carpentry in general is a great place to start. As mentioned above, that involves graduating from high school, apprenticing under a skilled carpenter and then honing your skills from there. It would then be required to work as a joiner’s mate to learn specific joinery skills.