The Different Types of Conservatory Roofs and the Benefits

The Ideal Conservatory

Your conservatory should be a beautiful extension of your house. It should reflect the art and architecture of your home. It should provide an agreeable, year round climate where your family can congregate and create the extra space you need for entertaining guests. If your conservatory is cold, draughty, or uninviting, a new roof may be the solution.

Creating the Conservatory of Your Dreams

Replacing your conservatory roof can open up a new world for your home, whether your style is Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, or modern. Tiled conservatory roofs are light weight, low maintenance, and stylish. Once the plans are implemented, your new roof can be installed in a matter of days to provide a temperature regulated space that the whole family can enjoy.

The Process

Installing the new tiled roof requires complete removal of the old one. With a Guardian Warm Roof system, a new timber header plate is installed to accommodate a ventilated aluminium ring beam. An aluminium ridge beam and rafters are added. Bespoke roof styles are assembled using a spider bracket with aluminium spider arms, and installed as a unit.

After framing is complete, structural plywood is attached, overlaid with a breathable, waterproof membrane, and sheathed with tile. Flashing and roof vents are added to reduce condensation. Lighting, electrical, or electronic components may be installed as in new construction. The interior will be insulated and hung with drywall for custom finishing.

Available Options

You may opt for a solid roof, with or without skylights, or a fully translucent roof. SupaLite polycarbonate panels offer burglar-proof, low-glare, lightweight, thermally efficient alternatives to glass panes. Ultra-frame conservatories are built with glass that is specially treated to be self-cleaning.

Equinox solar powered patio roofs are remote controlled, louvred systems that allow 160 degree horizontal rotation of insulated, extruded aluminium panels to allow opening and closing of the roof. The panels are designed to withstand heavy wind and snow loads. The integrated gutter directs rain away from the building.

Roofing made with long lasting composite materials is manufactured to resemble wood, slate, stone, clay, or terracotta tiles. These come in a variety of colours to suit your style and décor.

A Lifetime of Satisfaction

Your new conservatory will be an investment you can appreciate for years to come, adding space, energy efficiency, and equity to your home’s value.